Men that suffer with erectile dysfunction have issues maintaining a firm erection and find it near impossible to perform in the bedroom. Although most men will have the same difficulties from time to time, ED commonly tends to be more prolonged. Some men who suffer with ED have reported that the inability to get an erection can sometimes be infrequent rather than consistent.

When a man is not sexually aroused, the penis will be flaccid or limp. When sexually aroused, nerves begin to signal the releasing of chemicals to increase the blood flow directly to the penis. The blood flows into two separate chambers in the penis (known as the corpora cavernosa.) The blood fills up in the corpora cavernosa and starts to add natural pressure, this makes the penis firm and erect. After the man orgasms, the blood flows out and the erection subsides. However, in most men that suffer with ED there will be some form of blockage, stopping the corpora cavernosa to fill up with blood. This blockage can be in the form of a cyst, plaque or fatty tissue. In psychological issues, mental stress and depression can cause the nerves to be confused and it can affect signalling the release of chemicals.

Studies have shown that out of 30 million American men, half of them have some form of ED. Doctors admit that the condition is more common than previously suggested by medical professionals.

“With rise to alcohol and cigarette smoking addictions, erectile dysfunction is becoming a common concern amongst men aged 30 to 65. Prevention for younger men is a must, especially in our accepted social drinking culture. Dr. Carl Johnson (General Doctor)

Having a healthy sex life is an ideal for both men and women, however, ED sufferers usually severely feel hopeless and depressed. The lack of control over their manhood can cause low-self-esteem, performance anxiety, stress, anger, depression, relationship problems and even suicidal thoughts.

ED sufferers will usually suffer in silence and will rarely ever seek medical advice. This is because of embarrassment and fear. Most men with ED are usually embarrassed to admit that there is a problem and they will hide it. Other men with ED fear that by going to seek medical advice, the doctor will find something serious with their condition and have to operate. In most cases these are merely just worries and fears, if you are currently suffering with ED and you haven’t visited the doctor, it is highly recommended that you do so.

Scientific research suggests that men are more worried about what their partners will think of the condition rather than what they themselves think. Some men will even go as far as to avoid sexual encounters with their partner to avoid embarrassment and humiliation.

“Most of my clients are men that are fearful that their partners will either leave or cheat on them if they told them that they had problem achieving an erection. In all cases, partners are extremely supportive about the condition and will help their man to seek treatment. My advice for men suffering with ED is to be truthful with your partner.”Lorna Mathews (Sex Therapist)

When ED sufferers leave their condition medically unsupervised, it can get worse and in some cases the symptoms of the condition can become permanent. In some cases, doctors will refer ED patients to take Viagra but it can be extremely damaging to reproductive health in the long term because it forces the blood flow to the penis. Most medical professionals will either recommend a combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise. This combination has worked great for many men; however, some men find that it just isn’t enough to cure erectile dysfunction.

Herbal remedies like Tongkat Ali are highly effective as a cure for erectile dysfunction. Tongkat Ali has natural active ingredients which work in synergy with the body and helps promote healthy blood flow and balanced hormones.


The main two causes of erectile dysfunction are usually related to psychological and physical factors. Studies have shown that the main cause of erectile dysfunction is usually physical; however, psychological factors can also be a main cause of ED.

Physical Causes:

There are four common physical factors that can cause ED. Scientific studies have shown that out of 650 men suffering with ED, 85% of the men had the condition due to these four common physical factors.

1)      Fatty tissue or plaque is blocking the blood flow to the penis

This issue is usually caused by obesity or heavy cigarette smoking. Fatty tissue and plaque can block arteries which stop blood from flowing to the penis. This can be extremely dangerous because the symptoms of ED can be a pre-warning to serious conditions with the heart. Doctors advise men that are obese and suffering with erection problems to seek medical attention.

2)      Nerve messages failing to signal the penis

Usually this issue is caused by diabetes and can be easily treated. In rare cases, multiple sclerosis, injuries to the penis and Parkinson’s disease can all be the cause of nerve messages failing to signal the penis. Nerve messages from the brain failing to signal the penis can also be a combination of psychological issues such as anxiety and depression.

3)      The penis has trouble storing blood whilst erect

This issue is known as venous leak, which makes it near enough impossible for a man to maintain an erection because the blood cannot be remained stored in the penis. This condition is usually caused by a physical injury to the penile nerves. This issue can be easily diagnosed by an Urologist and can be corrected with minor surgery.

4)      The penis bends greatly to an angle that blood cannot flow to it

This condition is actually known as Peyronie’s disease and it causes the penis to bend and curve to an angle. Peyronie’s disease can cause a severe bend in the penis that it can highly affect the blood from flowing to the penis. It is still unknown how the condition is caused; however, it can be corrected with herbal treatments like Horny Goat Weed and Tongkat Ali.

Psychological Causes:

It isn’t uncommon for erectile dysfunction to be caused by psychological factors. The mind and body work in conjunction, so when one of them is out of balance, it can greatly affect sex drive and the penis. There are 4 main common psychological factors that have been known to cause erectile dysfunction issues.

1)      Stress

When the body is under stress it can affect blood pressure levels and the nerves. Sex can be the last thing on the mind of a stressed out individual, with alleviated blood pressure and confused nerve messages, this combination can be a recipe for sexual disaster and erectile dysfunction can be a result of this. Stress is the most common psychological cause of erectile dysfunction and it can be a prolonged issue. Even when stress levels are returned to normal, it can take a while for the body to get back in balance. Luckily, herbal treatments such as Tongkat Ali can help the body to get back in balance faster.

2)      Depression

Although depression is related to stress, it actually affects the penis differently. Instead of alleviated blood pressure being the main issue, extremely confused nerve messages are responsible for depressed male suffers to experience erectile dysfunction. It is highly recommended that you avoid any anti-depressant medication as it can worsen erectile dysfunction.

3)      Relationship Problems

When you are having troubles with your partner, it can highly affect your sexual performance. Any bottled up anger or resentment towards your partner can severely hinder your ability to achieve an erection. It is common for men to experience erectile dysfunction until they have resolved bottled up issues with their partner. It is highly recommended that you speak to your partner if you are currently having issues with them.

4)      Anxiety About Sexually Performing

It is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy when men are anxious about being able to get an erection, worrying about it can actually cause the nerve messages in the brain to be confused and can temporarily stop blood from flowing to the penis. Your confidence level is directly connected to your sexual performance and the more confident you are, the better you will be able to perform.


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